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The Long Tail of Narrative Space and the Information Landscape:

its implications for schools and libraries



Consider this wiki a "commonplace book" from the point of view of teacher librarians exploring how social software relates to education and the future.


Central idea:


The spread of digital communication and collaboration is changing the world in ways that significantly affect teaching and learning -- and hence schools and libraries as institutions dedicated to preparing students for the future.


By surveying some of the current memes (contagious cultural ideas and practices that replicate like a virus) spreading through the Internet related to narrative and information utilization and by experimenting with new forms of Web tools, we can better understand how to follow and participate in these developments as teachers and librarians for the benefit of our students and ourselves.



By clicking on the meme, it will take you to the page where the concept is discussed.

Essential questions:



How and why has the world been changing?



How do these changes affect teaching, learning, and education?



What are the implications for school libraries and school librarians?


How are we building and maximizing the learner's ability to navigate and build digital communities?

Originally developed for a workshop at the March 2006 EARCOS Teachers' Conference, Manila, The Philippines

Participants were given the log-in password for editing and asked to contribute in order to continue the journey collectively

If you have lost the password or if you wish to contribute, please e-mail Katie Day or Beth Gourley


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